January 7, 2013

Scott Henderson & Line6 Variax guitar

Variax—Just What the Tone Doctor Ordered 
HBC’s self-titled debut album features a wide range of guitar sounds, from the high-gain blues vibe on “Wayward Son of Devil Boy” to the funky clean tones on “Actual Proof.” When recording the Wayne Shorter classic “Footprints,” Henderson wanted to approach the track as a traditional jazz tune—problem is, he doesn’t own a traditional jazz guitar.
“Instead of borrowing an archtop—which I’ve never really enjoyed playing—I decided to use my Variax,” he relates. “The Jazzbox model provided great tone, and the guitar was very easy to play. That tone made me play much differently than usual, so the song sounds completely different from the others, and I got to be a traditional jazz guitarist for one tune. I received some nice compliments from my friends who play hollowbody jazz guitars—they were quite surprised it was a Variax.”
'It's a Line 6 Variax - the jazz box model at the neck pickup position, through an 18 watt Badger.'

Scott Henderson loves his Korg PX5D

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