January 15, 2013

Sean Halley (Line6) New pedalboard demo - January 2013

'Just finished wiring up the new mondo pedalboard, and I wanted to capture a snapshot of some of the drive sounds that are quickly available. I've been soldering all day, so I'm still in the moose pajamas. 

Pedal order - guitar - musicomlab switcher - Loop 1...tchula, Loop 2...M5, Loop 3....Octfuzz2 and RC Booster, Loop 4, SD9 - to amp input. Amp FX send - volume pedal - Loop 5...Giggity, Loop 6, Lex, Loop 8...Superego (with M5 switched in to its fx loop) - M9 - amp fx return.

Custom Bogner Duende combo - 22 watt, extra switching options.' (Sean)

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