February 7, 2013

Allen Hinds testing some new gear!!

 a Taylor McGrath (TMG) guitar through a Bad Cat amp

Allen Hinds was so impressed with the tones he was getting at the Bad Cat Amplifiers/ Taylor McGrath Guitars booth at NAMM he decided to pay a visit to the Bad Cat factory in Irvine, CA to sample a few more offerings. He ended up finding his tone nirvana in a '64 styled TMG Dover through a Bad Cat Custom Shop AB50 (predecessor to the Fat Cat).

Allen Hinds uses the Bob Burt GR8T Distortion 

About the Pedal:
It is a single gain stage design, which keeps it quiet and allows it to maintain a lot of detail and pure guitar tone. Besides gain, tone and output volume, the pedal features an eight way rotary switch that starts with no compression and gives a series of gradual steps of compression. As you turn the switch clockwise, the pedal compresses, changing the shape of the distortion waveform in each mode. When used in conjunction with the gain and level controls, you can go from raw rock and metal tones, down to compressed and warm D-style overdriven tones. It interacts with your guitar volume and tone allowing it to clean up well as you reduce the volume of your guitar. Think of it as eight great distortion voices in one pedal.

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