February 9, 2013

Awesome Prymaxe Vintage product clips!

Like most of us I like to hear about the latest products. There are a lot of new pedal and guitars coming out every week. I really like the Prymaxe product demonstrations. Always top quality sound and the right style of  playing that illustrates the use of the pedal in various ways. Just like the demos by Strymon they make a great effort to inform us in a professional way. In this day and age where internet shops are on the rise these demos are more than welcome. For a local shop it's practically undoable to keep up with everything that comes out. You can't blame them for not hooking up with every new trend. Online stores can buy stuff in large quantities and sell at a much more appealing price level. Thanks to Youtube and companies like Prymaxe we can learn about new stuff before we buy or we can simply enjoy the whole presentation.

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