February 6, 2013

Scott Henderson: Caldonia licks

A lot of people don't transcribe because they think it's too much work and they have to do an entire solo. Well you don't. You can focus on the rhythms or just a lick here and there. Here I wrote down three lines from the beginning of Scott's solo in Caldonia with Steve Trovato. These lines are where Scott goes 'all funny', as a friend of mine described it. Some would call it outside but it's not. What are the notes that kind of jump out and catch your interest.

The examples I transcribed contain some interesting notes and there are lots more. I always try to understand them harmonically and focus less on the rhythms.

In example 1 at 2,14 Scott plays a mixolidian line over the D7 chord and the F3 fits right in but might sound funny or weird if you're expecting just the notes from the blues scale.

In example 2 at 2:20 Scott plays D melodic minor over G7. The 7th of that scale is a c#. Common practice in jazz.

Example 3 uses the diminished scale.

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