February 9, 2013

Scott Henderson Mike Miller & Frank Gambale together

Eric Marienthal (saxophones), Mike Miller (guitar), Steve Hunt (keys), Lance Crane (drums), Frank Gambale (guitar), James Hogan (guitar), Christian Fabian (bass), Scott Henderson (guitar), Mitch Forman (keys), Alex Acuna (percussion), Luis Conte (percussion)
The all-star Crane & Fabian Project album “No Limits” will release in the United States April 1, 2012 and will be available on Spice Rack Records, Itunes and at www.craneandfabian.com . The all-star lineup of top Jazz musicians of the last 30 years includes: Frank Gambale, guitar; Eric Marienthal, sax; Gregg Bissonette, drums; Lance Crane, drums; plus Scott Henderson on guitar and Alex Acuna on percussion and drums; Mitch Forman, keys; Luis Conte, percussion; Mike Miller, guitar; Larry Stein, bass; Hussain Jiffry, bass; Christian Fabian, bass; and newcomer James Hogan on guitar. The album pumps up the classic percussion and shredding guitar sounds of Return to Forever, the Chick Corea Electric band and Tribal Tech with dueling guitars. And there’s another debut here—this is the first time in music history that three of the Chick Corea Elektric Band guitarists are on the same album.
The Crane & Fabian project started out as a collaboration between bassist/composer/arranger Christian Fabian and award-winning producer/drummer Lance Crane. ”Let It Rip”, their first CD has previously only been available in Japan on King Records, where it received great reviews and was one of the top-selling new Jazz albums on King Records.

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