February 15, 2013

TrueFire's Bebop DOJO with Sheryl Bailey.


Sheryl Bailey
Guitar sherpa

"Welcome to the Bebop Dojo - I'm your Sensei, Sheryl Bailey. This classroom is my own "College of Bailey" - lessons based on over 30 years of playing the guitar, and 20 years of teaching it!
I've been a faculty member at Berklee College of Music since 2000, published my own method book through Mel Bay, taught countless workshops, and have traveled literally all over the world playing as a leader of my own various projects and as a side-person with names such as Richard Bona, George Garzone, David Krakauer, Bill O'Connell, Steve Slagle, David Krakauer, Howard Alden, John Pisano, Jack Wilkins, Irene Cara and more.
The Dojo is a place where I can share my unique perspective on developing a deeper understanding of the jazz language and help you organize your fretboard to master the challenges that this music we love brings to us. The classes will evolve and expand as you interact with me here, and I look forward to discovering just as much as you!" Sheryl Bailey

Breaking up concepts into smaller bits.

Sheryl Bailey has succeeded in creating a coherent program for learning how to play Bebop guitar. In a number of instructive and entertaining videos this TrueFire online guitar course presents the language of Bebop in a well organized manner. Almost every video lesson comes with a pdf or jamtrack so can follow what’s being presented and try it out for yourself.

Feedback helps to create a better learning environment. You can comment on every video lesson and start an online discussion . You can also upload a video or audio file too and Sheryl wil respond to it personally!  The interactivity is what makes it all work because you're not just watching videos and left by yourself to figure it all out.  Sheryl is there to help YOU, personally. 


It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!.
The essence of jazz is the quarternote pulse. It’s the heartbeat.
If you can play ‘in the pocket’ with a metronome you’ll do great on the bandstand. Think of your metronome as your favorite drummer and not as a mechanical device. Sheryl sets the metronome on count 2 and 4. Really get engaged with hat click. Make it your main habit. 
More lessons on learning how to play all the subdivisions starting on whole notes up to 16th notes and
learning about syncopation: without it jazz playing sucks. There is also a class where you focus on learning how to feel and play on the upbeats. Sheryl will help you play them until they are internalized and not intellectualized.

II V I’s

The II V I progression is one of the most important harmonic pattern to learn and utilize when approaching jazz harmony. This channel is a place to present concepts for improvising, analysis, chord substitutions and mastering this basic and essential unit of the jazz harmonic language. One concept that is explained in several ways is the way Charlie Parker plays over a II-V-I. Play the minor 7 arpeggio and move that up a minor third over the V chord to create tension. e.g. In Dm7-G7-Cmaj you play Dm arpeggio and move it up to Fm7 when the band plays G7, You can play Am7arpeggio over the Cmaj7 chord.  But there are many more tricks of the trade.
Again, guiding you through a basic idea and then utilizing them in various ways and positions gets you playing creatively in no time. Need any pointers? Just ask Sheryl!

“Train your mind, it’s what controls your hands” Sheryl Bailey

The Microcosmic Bebop Line and the family of four.

One of the topics Sheryl is famous for is her clear harmonic formula for playing jazz. It's one of the cornerstones of her pedagogy. The dominant-7 Bebop scale combined with 4 arpeggio's will get you to understand how to play through the changes.  The scale and the arpeggio's are interrelated and can be used in all II-V(-I) situations. They can also be used with tri-tone substitutions. 


Lessons on chords (40 lessons!) , melodies, ear training, technique and around 30 interviews with musicians from the NY scene on various topics which I found to be very cool. After hours play along section.


In the past month I was Sheryl's pupil in the Bebop Dojo. She contacted me several times and responded quickly to my questions. Everything I asked her regarding my playing or jazz guitar playing in general was answered professionally. It was almost as if I had taken lessons with her in person.
Monthly contribution is $99 which is quite a lot of money for some but you get to take lessons with one of the best teachers in this field and download an enormous amount of lesson material for later reference. Not everything comes with TABS! While you are a member you get 25% discount on all other lesson materials. 

 "Guitar Sherpa students have 24-7 access to all of the video lessons and learning materials that their instructor has prepared in the classroom. Plus, students also have unlimited access to the thousands of video guitar lessons with tab, notation and rhythm tracks on TrueFire TV"

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