March 7, 2013

Mystery Train - Howard Emerson

Howard Emerson performs "Mystery Train" Live in the Phoenix area 2006.

Funny how you learn about new guitar players. Well Howard isn't 'new' but to me he is. He responded to a earlier post on my blog  about Emiel Stopler. I checked him out and found out he is formidable guitar player himself. Nothing flash or anything 'just' great style and taste. Howard sent me this clip and some extra info for your enjoyment. Thanks Howard. 

Hi Jan,

This is my arrangement of Junior Parker's 'Mystery Train' (which he recorded as a shuffle, actually). I am playing in open G tuning, capo 4, so it's in open B tuning, but I'm playing off the V chord of B, which is F#. I call it cross-tuning, sort of like when a C harmonica is played in the key of G for doing blues.

I do not read music or tablature, so I can't help you with any of that, sorry. Mel Bay did feature one of my early recordings, 'Crossing Crystal Lake' in their Fingerstyle Masters anthology series:


Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Volume 3 (Book/CD Set)
Twelve accessible solos in several styles and tunings from various parts of the world. Includes works by: Stephen Bennett, Tom Doyle, Howard Emerson, Joël Fafard, Tim Farrell, Simon Fox, Richard Gilewitz, Paolo Giordano, Phil Heywood, Sean McGowan, David Qualey, and Brad Richter. Written in standard notation and tablature for the intermediate to advanced guitarist.

Howard's CD from 2012: Listen Here!

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