April 13, 2013

Allan Holdsworth / Kurt Rosenwinkel Crossroads 2013

Very cool!. The clip we've all been waiting for since it was first announced. 

"In late 2011 we got a call from Eric Clapton’s office, telling us that Clapton was planning to visit NYC to hear Kurt Rosenwinkel perform on 2/28/2012 at the Village Vanguard. They insisted they wanted to pay for the 2 tickets they asked for, but just wanted to make sure that there was seats and it wouldn’t be sold out when they showed up. We were of course more than happy to guarantee them that.
Clapton showed up with his friend and producer Russ Titelman (who produced “Tears in Heaven” as well as an incredible amount of other fantastic albums and tracks like “Chuck E’s in Love” with Rickie Lee Jones, “Ain’t Nobody” with Chaka Khan etc), and after the set told Kurt that he is a true inspiration to Eric these days, and that he had first heard of Kurt when listening to the track “Stoner Hill” from Brian Blade Fellowship’s album “Season of Changes“.
Subsequently Clapton invited Kurt to perform at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, which is a benefit for Clapton’s Antigua drug & alcohol rehabilitation center (located in the West Indies). The event will be held over 2 days in Madison Square Garden on April 12 & 13 (2013) – Kurt is scheduled to perform on April 12."  Taken from Kurt's website: www.kurtrosenwinkel.com
Allan Holdsworth & Kurt Rosenwinkel @ Crossroads festval 2013

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  1. Great post Jan!....Kurt is on it (as usual)