April 11, 2013

Allen Hinds demo off ThroBak pickups

ThroBak SLE 101 Plus MXV demo by Allen Hinds. One of the ThroBak MXV P.A.F. vintage reproduction line of pickups.

Over the years many myths have grown along with the legend of vintage Patent Applied For pcikups. Perhaps largest myth is that 50's vintage P.A.F. coils or the "best" 50's vintage P.A.F. coils were hand wound. In fact all production vintage P.A.F. coils were machine wound on a very small number of machines. The few machines that wound these coils each put their own tonal signature on the classic Patent Applied For humbucker. A tonal signature that is the result of winding patterns and coil shapes that can only be accurately reproduced by machine. These machines made a wide variety of coil shapes and as a result produced the wide variety tonal colors that we associate with vintage 50's P.A.F.'s. These shapes varied with the machine model and with small differences in operator set-up. At ThroBak we take all the tonal possibilities that these machines are capable of and combine them to produce the ThroBak Maximum Vintage line of pickups.

Above are photos of original Patent Applied For coils and coils made on the vintage ThroBak Leesona 102 and Slug 101 50's vintage P.A.F. pickup winder models. All are very tightly wound solid coils. They are just a small sample of the variety of coil shapes that can be made on these two 50's vintage Patent Applied For winder models. Click the thumbnails and look closely at the variations in winding pattern. The turn per layer count for each machine has not changed but the coil shapes and wire scatter differ radically. Contrary to machine winding critics, coils wound on these vintage machines show a complex wire scatter driven by the quirks unique to these machines. They do not show the orderly distribution of wire exhibited by modern computer controlled winders. None of these winding patterns can be accurately duplicated by hand. Some of these shapes can be approximated by hand winding but the internal wire distribution of the hand wound coil will be radically different from the correct machine wound Patent Applied For coil. Differences that effect the final tone of the assembled Patent Applied For pickup. These machine wound coil shapes are in fact the signature winding patterns and tonal signatures of the vintage machines that were put to use in winding vintage Patent Applied For humbuckers.

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