May 10, 2013

George Coleman sax lick for Guitar. ( legato style)

I transcribed part of this solo. The first lick from George Coleman's solo is featured here. It has a nice baroque flavor. I wrote a couple of variations. Like all the great teachers will tell you: Don't just learn the lick but learn from the lick and try to apply it to different situations. This is a nice lick for your legato playing too! If you prefer alternate picking this lick is useful too. 

4 GENERATIONS OF MILES features musicians who played in four different lineups of Miles Davis's band. Recorded live at Makor, New York, New York on May 12, 2002.
 Generations of Miles is an unusual tribute to Miles Davis, featuring a quartet made up of alumni from four different editions of the trumpeter's bands, while omitting keyboards and trumpet entirely. Drummer Jimmy Cobb, tenor saxophonist George Coleman, bassist Ron Carter, and guitarist Mike Stern concentrate almost exclusively on the 1950s repertoire of Davis, excepting Ron Carter's somewhat abstract, R&B-flavored "81," which is from the mid-'60s. 
Stern's sparse accompaniment for Coleman in "All Blues" works surprising well in place of a piano, while the percolating take of "On Green Dolphin Street" will get a listener's feet patting. Coleman's soulful playing is the centerpiece of a lush treatment of "Blue in Green." Carter and Cobb provide a superb foundation for the soloists throughout this live recording. The creativity and musicianship throughout this excellent tribute make it stand head and shoulders above most such efforts. ~ Ken Dryden Live;5/12/2;Jimmy Cobb,George Coleman,Ron Carter+Mike Stern Personnel: George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Mike Stern (electric guitar); Ron Carter (acoustic bass): Jimmy Cobb (drums). Personnel: Mike Stern (electric guitar); Ron Carter (acoustic bass); Jimmy Cobb (drums). Liner Note Author: Chip Stern. Recording information: Makor, New York, NY (05/12/2002). Editor: Nicholas Prout. Photographer: Dirk Vandenberk.

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