May 30, 2013

Giant steps legato etude

Giant steps legato etude

I write these studies for myself to learn about what I'm doing. I find that writing down these lines helps me focus and improve my improvisation.

Bar 1 uses a digital pattern 1,2,3,5 twice. (Shift your position on the f#)
Bar 2 the same patterns again
Bar 3 scalewise motion
Bar 4 Am arpeggio moving into D mixolydian
Bar 5 digital pattern 3,1,2,3 and back to 1,2,3,5
bar 6 digital pattern 1,2,3,5
Bar 7 B arpeggio
Bar 8 digital pattern 1,2,3,5
Bar 9 Eb scale
Bar 10 digital pattern  1,2,3,5 into D7 mix
Bar 11 G maj arpeggio
Bar 12 C# bluesy line
Bar 13 B maj scale
Bar 14 Eb maj scale
Bar 15 Eb maj scale
Bar 16 Baroque figure on C#m
Bar 17 is bar 1 of a next round of Giant steps fun.

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