May 8, 2013

Mike Miller Video lesson!!

I view Mike Miller as one of the best guitar players in the world. I have his cd's and also a few videos!
Check this out. Mike is an absolute master.
Watch the video.

Mike Miller_Odd Meter Feels Over 44
"Mike Miller is one of the most fluid and inventive guitarists in the world in the area of playing in odd meter time signatures, but most guitarists rarely have to play in odd meter. In this unique and groundbreaking lesson, Mike shows you how to superimpose odd meter feels over the 4/4 grooves you deal with on a daily basis to give both your soloing AND ESPECIALLY your chordal comping playing a unique and interesting dimension that few can boast. This is a must for most any guitarist, as it contains information that is rarely documented anywhere else. The 40 minute video includes an extensive 24 page PDF with all fingerings and a valuable written explanation of how to "see" the superimposed odd meters over the 4/4 written measures, with the metric groupings of the odd meters to make them easy to understand."

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