June 23, 2013

John Scofield and Vertex in Premier Guitar

Excerpt from an interview by Jason Shadrick with the one and only Sir John Scofield.

It sounds like you didn’t use many effects on the album.
I only used my Boomerang on one part of “Snake Dance.” However, I did get a new pedalboard for this tour. My old pedalboard died and Mason from Vertex Effects came down to a gig in Oakland. I knew he had been making pedalboards for a lot of the guys out West, including Robben [Ford]. For Überjam, I have to have my Wammy Wah pedal, although I didn’t use it on this record. Mason convinced me to try a new distortion pedal, which is the Blue Note, and that was nice. He also sold me on one of his new wah pedals, which replaced the Vox I’d been using. I use my Boomerang off the board, so he came up with a way to hook it up since it’s not true bypass and because it’s big. I use the Boomerang a lot in Überjam. You can’t program anything into the Boomerang, which is good, so I do it all on the fly. I just quickly play something in there and it comes back either in half-time or double-time, backwards or something.

Scofield's pedalboard
Did Mason mod any of your existing pedals?
Yeah, my old Boss GE-2 Equalizer and Boss CE-3. The equalizer is more like a treble booster and the chorus was modified with a faster speed, more warble, and some fatness to emulate a Leslie. He then made them all true bypass.
Your previous pedalboard was a loop-based system and this new version is more linear. Why the switch?
This new one has a buffer, which is a new thing for me. My previous pedalboard, which was also really good and made by Pedal-Racks here in New York, was a different system. On that board I was able to turn on each pedal individually so my guitar would not be routed through other pedals. When you have each one on, you’re only going through that pedal. With Mason’s system, they are all hooked up through the buffer and it magically makes it sound okay. He took my old pedals and made them true bypass, so everything is true bypass and the buffer gives back whatever you’re losing. It’s pretty amazing.

Read more: http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2013/Aug/Interview_John_Scofield_Uncle_Johns_Electro_Jam_Band.aspx?Page=3#ixzz2X2D1Es6r


INTERFACE (input buffer), Vertex True Bypass Loop (Digitech Whammy XP100), T.C. Electronic Polytune Mini, Vertex Axis Wah, Rockett Blue Note, Vertex Modified GE-7 Equalizer, INTERFACE (break-out insert), Vertex Modified CE-3 Chorus, Empress Tremolo, Neunaber Technologies Mono WET Reverb, Vertex True Bypass Loop (Boomerang Rang Plus), INTERFACE (single output buffer/splitter, splitting MONO signal to two amplifiers)


* Boomerang Rang Plus is on the floor, off of the pedalboard and is brought in/out of the signal path by way of the Vertex True Bypass Loop.

* Vertex Modified GE-7 Equalizer is modified for greater transparency, quieter operation, and more emphasis on the upper mid-range and highs to use as more of a treble booster. Also modified for true bypass.
* Vertex Modified CE-3 Chorus is modified for faster speeds, more warble, and fatness to achieve more of a Leslie emulating quality. Also modified for true bypass.



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