June 4, 2013

Lessons with Marc Guillermont

if some of you are interested in taking guitar lessons,or have specific requests(composing, arranging, programmation etc..),you're at the right place.

There's 2 ways to do it:
1: i'll make a video for each request which means it will be personalised.And send it to you through DROPBOX  or WeTransfer a 60mn video will be 100 euros.Depending on demands, i'll create specific AUDIO playbacks1 to show you stuff, 1 for you to work on
2: it's now known lessons can be done through SKYPE.But this works only if you have a very good internet connection.30mn will be 25 euros1 hour will be 40euros
Payments through Paypal
whatever you're interested in pls write me at : junglejazzprod@gmail.com 

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