June 22, 2013

Tim Lerch The Art of 2-note accompaniment.

Tim Lerch is one of my favorite Youtube guitar players. I like his old school approach which sounds and feels very genuine to me. The tele tones are to die for. As a former pupil of the late Ted Greene Tim's got a wealth of knowledge which he loves to share.

In this masterclass published by Jazz Guitar Society.com Tim is taking you by the hand and step by step explains how to play in this 2 note accompaniment style. Starting with 3rds and 7ths, which you may already be familiar with, this lesson goes way beyond this. Adding notes to make your accompaniment more melodic. From thereon Tim teaches how to play solo's and accompany yourself at the same time!

Practically every example is written out in tabs and notes.

I got this masterclass by Tim Lerch earlier this week and I think it's worth every dime. It's so much fun working with this material that I would recommend it to everybody. It's not just for old school aficionados. If you like like to play like  Mike Stern's Standards cd you will also benefit hugely from this lesson.

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