August 10, 2013

Tim Miller - Hearing scales and more....

Tim Miller Internet Guitar Lessons Update 

Plus a New Video Lesson Online!

Hello everyone,
As we approach our 1 year Anniversary of the launch of, I have posted one of our most popular lesson videos called "Hearing Scales"  for you to check out.  
This year has been an incredible experience with Internet Guitar Lessons.  It has been great to prepare and film all of the content, and very rewarding to interact with my students on the member forum.

Coming soon - Courses

Internet Guitar Lessons now has over 100 videos for members to view.  Members can work at their own pace and choose any topic within the website with complete freedom.  One of my goals for the first year was to build up an extensive library of information for the modern guitarist.  
We will now be adding "Courses" to the website.   With courses we will dive into great depth on specific topics giving members very clear goals for their practice time.  Look for an announcement of the launch of our new feature in the coming weeks.  In addition to new videos each week, members will still have access to the entire library of videos and PDF charts.  As always, I am available to personally evaluate your playing with comments through the forum.  

Tim Miller guitar lessons

Lessons on the Road - 5 slots available.

New York City.  August 15-16.  I have 5 slots available for private lessons.  Please email my admin assistant at to schedule a lesson time.  If you are in the area and would like a private lesson, let us know!

I hope that you enjoy the video lesson!
Tim Miller
Internet Guitar Lessons

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