September 15, 2013

Spacebar selling your live performances


Live performances are awesome; they’re raw, and they’re real. Spacebar brings fans from around the world into the room, connecting the stage to the earbuds, as the show unfolds.

We built Spacebar to directly connect musicians, authors and other content creators to their fans, and as a platform for fans to support the artists they love. Join the show live.

For Musicians, Authors and Other Broadcasters:
• Stream from your iPhone’s mic or connect to the soundboard
• High definition audio, up to 256 Kbps
• Reach fans wherever they are on their mobile devices
• Fans can tip and applaud
• Listener data delivered shortly after the show
• Promote your show on Facebook and Twitter and your fans will too, in app
• Spacebar pays royalties to performers rights organizations
OZ NOY uses Spacebar:
TONIGHT- The Bitter End, NYC-10:30.
The Oz Noy Trio Feat. Will Lee & Rocky Bryant.
Come On Down!
If you cant make it then listen live on your iPhone on @Spacebar! Join us!

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