October 24, 2013

Looper's delight

Looping is hot. I use it when teaching or studying. Some people have turned it into an art form.
I've seen amazing performances where people layer complete arrangements live in font of an audience perfectly.

Jarle Bernhoft is an amazing artist using looper pedals to enhance his musicality.

For some it's frustrating not getting the timing perfect so the loop doesn't loop perfectly and the whole thing sounds wrong.

There are many loopers on the market nowadays and more and more appear every month.
There are a lot of different loopers out there. Very simple ones such as the Ditto looper by TC electronics or the complex ones like the Boss RC 300. The simple ones let you record and overdub and that's usually it. The more complex ones let you record sevaral loops which you can use independently. You can also add loops created on your computer or on the pedal itself and store them on your pedal.

Check out these site's to learn more about loopers.
Looper pedal reviews
Loopers's delight.

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