November 10, 2013

Scofields Uberjamband in Amsterdam.

Here are some pics from the rehearsal of the Uberjamband. I had the privilege to be there. Earlier that week John and I had emailed about a possible interview and he suggested to hook up with Avi since we had done quite a long interview earlier this year. Besides, Avi had far more interesting 'tech-stuff'. Of course I wanted to interview Avi because he's one of the most interesting and innovative sound-scultors on guitar around.  I will post the interview later this week after some editing. Some great stuff there. Avi showed me all his gear and an in depth look on his use of Ableton live and MIDI-guitar software.

Uberjamband Deux rehearsal: John Scofield, Louis Cato, Andy Hess and Avi Bortnick.

Watching the rehearsal was quite interesting. Because of all the Tech stuff going on it was extremely important to have a great stage sound. If you have to play along to rhythm samples you want to be spot on. Louis Cato sang I don't need no doctor so they had to check that too. All of a sudden they played Hey Joe by Hendrix and Sco played a great wha-based rock solo. 
After they had finished Sco started to play some jazz-lines and Louis immediately started to play with John. The played an amazing version of Four . It was just guitar and drums and they were swinging their ass off. Then Louis took the microphone and started singing the baseline while continuing to play the drums. Then John started playing the chords and started scatting! Man that was such a great experience! This was before the interview and the amazing performance of the Überjam Deux band at the BIM huis in Amsterdam. 

John Scofield in Amsterdam.

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