December 29, 2013

Leonardo Amuedo ,Maza & Danilo 10 11 13 Candombe pal Bicho

Leonardo Amuedo recording a new CD

Starting the recordings yesterday (26-12-13) for my next CD at AVATAR studios (NYC) with Will Lee and Larry Granadier on bass ,Bill Stewart on drums ,Andy Ezrin on pianos and David Mann on sax and arrangements. and production from Bobby Colomby.

Leonardo Amuedo, Will Lee & Bill Stewart

Leonardo Amuedo, Will Lee & Bill Stewart

December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

John Abercrombie playing his newest McCurdy guitar.

Marc Guillermont interview.

Check out this great interview by Laurie with one of the best fusion players around!

Marc Guillermont: The French King of Fusion talks to Truth In Shredding

From NAMM 2013

I have been a big fan of Marc Guillermont's playing over the years having appeared on numerous jazz fusion albums and solo efforts... I just love his fluid legato playing, and that blend of inventiveness that separates the men from the boys. I'd not seen Marc play live except on YouTube videos. So you can imagine my pleasure whilst attending NAMM in California, bumping into Marc Guillermont on the Paul Lairat stand. I watched him play, grabbed a bag of video and solo camera shots. Like all players he's drawn to the very best talents and I catch him at the MI stand watch Scott Henderson play. Later in the year I caught up with Marc again at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. This time we said hello and I decided that I would at least get an interview together with this remarkably talented musician.

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Jingle Bells: Fusion Style!

John Findlay IN2 the spirit Live clips.

Check out John's website and buy that CD!!!

How it all began....
The "IN2 the Spirit" album project started out 'just for fun' one Christmas when I recorded an arrangement of Little Drummer Boy so I could teach it to my 7 year old son on drums and piano. After a few years, I had finished quite a few 'for fun' demos and friends & colleagues started requesting that I turn it into a "serious" Christmas album project....and....
now it has arrived! I've recorded with some of the world's finest talent including Bill Payne from Little Feat, Will Lee from the David Letterman Show and Keith Carlock drummer for Sting, James Taylor and Steely Dan.

December 17, 2013

John Scofield with McBride & Sanchez

John Scofield & Christian Mc Bride On Antonio Sanches' new cd. Recordings took place last week!

December 15, 2013

Rockin' da Bluze

Havin' some fun.

Guitar: Steinberger Spirit
Amp : Tech 21 Trademark 60. ( No effects or reverb)

Hal Galper - Attitude is Everything

Check out every lesson from Hal. They're all great!!