March 1, 2014

Richard Hallebeek jams with Dweezil Zappa on 'Zomby Woof'

Dweezil's pedalboard

Richard Hallebeek & Dweezil Zappa
Dweezil invited me to join him onstage for Zappa Plays Zappa in De Melkweg, Amsterdam, nov. 9th, 2013. The place was packed ..we played 'Zomby Woof' and had a fun jam together. Afterwards, Dweezil was kind enough to send me a great quality audio recording from the mixing board. I mixed that audio with some of the video material that was provided by people who attended the now you too, can get a glimpse of what went down that evening ;-) 
I had a completely awesome time playing with such a tight group of musicians and jamming with Dweezil!

Thanks for the videos:
* Marinus van den Berg (close ups)
* © 2013 P. Berkholst Video (balcony angle)
* Jan Kramer (audience shots)

'Thanks to Dweezil for providing me with the front of house audio'. Richard Hallebeek.

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