August 2, 2014

No more Tribal Tech!

'Willis and I have decided not to continue with Tribal Tech. There are many reasons, but here are a few of mine. 

I find it difficult to work on music when band members live in other countries. It’s a lot of work sending files back and forth, and there’s an unbelievable amount of post-production needed after the basic tracks are done. The recording budgets are low enough with a trio - I can no longer justify spending that amount of time for the same budget with a quartet. 

It’s a similar situation with touring. I have a family to support and thankfully I’m making good money with my trio and HBC. Nothing against keyboard players, but I’m having a great time writing instrumental music for guitar and I want to put all my attention on that path because it’s more challenging as a guitarist and composer. I still hope to play with Deron Johnson in LA, and also with Steve Taviglione, two of my favorite musicians. 

Thanks to all the fans who supported Tribal Tech!'
Scott Henderson


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