October 31, 2014

Wojtek Justyna Tree... Oh!? - Scofield meets OZ Noy?

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“Definitely Something” is bound to take the listener on a refreshing musical journey...

In my lifetime I have been lucky enough to experience many different cultures, customs and ways of life. I have lived abroad for most of my life; I was born in Poland, grew up in Canada and currently reside in The Netherlands. These international experiences made me feel comfortable in different environments, helped me not to see boundaries and always keep an open mind. All this has influenced and can be heard in my music. Although I am classically schooled and studied Jazz for many years I have always been open to all music. Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop have always been on heavy rotation on my iPod and have all left an equal mark on my musical personality. The colorful fusion of the different genres is the essence of the Wojtek Justyna Tree… Oh!? album Definitely Something” that is meant to take the listener on a musical journey.

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